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the search is still on....

...for true happiness

27 November
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Nothing much 2 say im an 18 yr. old jersey gurl!! Im a loyal/friendly/sweetheart but sometimes it's my flaw...I'm shy if you dont know me, but if you do know me then you know that im not shy around ppl (only certain types of guys...)I work as a supervisor @ sixflags great adventure in the games department and it's ok i kind-of like it, {{im crazy, yes i know}} Im gonna be off to Richard Stockton college of nj, and i cant wait till i move out.. also, Im very intouch with my family, I love all types of music, i LOVE disney movies and especially the songs..{{dont ask i just do.}} I am a ladies aux. member of post 6590. I am the patriotic instructor for my post and also for the nj District 11 i am one of 4 color bearers.(cant spell...) hm.. there's still alot more im just tooo tired to type right now...

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